Ousama no brunch 1/18Subaru on YokoSubaru: He’s extremely pale! Look at him, isn’t he pale!?! He’s extra pale today. In the summer he wants to go sunbathing, since he’s so pale he admires people who are darker. When we were 15/16 we went to this tanning salon, with Hina as well. So me and Hina tanned really nicely, you could really see the difference. Yoko just became really red. Hina: From now on he’s just a pale/pretty skinned idol. Subaru: His skin is really smooth too. Let’s push that part of him. Yasu on RyoYasu: He really tans easily. Subaru: These two are like black and white next to each other. If we (Subaru and Ryo) haven’t met for a while he’ll always have become darker. Yoko: Its because he goes surfing. Ryo: I’m pretty dark. Ohkura: You should do gravure together (with Yoko). You’ll be black and white.Ryo: Okay, shall we do it sempai?!
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